mark hilliard wilson


Mark Hilliard Wilson, guitarist, “El Sueño del Camino”; Rosewood Recordings.

"The “Camino” (road) here is the 800-year-old pilgrimage route in northern Spain – the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela – where Seattle-based guitarist Mark Hilliard Wilson was invited two summers ago to perform by the organization Camino Artes. The experience inspired Hilliard to put together this recording of music he played on, and was inspired by, the ancient Camino. 

Well known in the Seattle guitar community and in St. James Cathedral as a composer as well as performer, Wilson has chosen a beautiful and evocative lineup of works for this disc, and he plays them sensitively and expertly. 

The repertoire here varies from the gracefully serene (two of the 13th-century Cantigas de Santa Maria) to the effervescent and triumphant (the “Canarios” of Gaspar Sanz, arranged by Narciso Yepes), with a generous sampling of music of our own time by Rodrigo, Pipo, Navarro, Piazzolla, and Walter Heinz (the charming and colorful “Concordances”). Wilson draws an extraordinary array of subtle textures and colorations from his instrument, creating a sonic world in which the listener can easily imagine the sights and sounds along those ancient roads."

Passionate playing with clear technical command and a compelling story behind each composition are what Wilson brings to the stage. Performing regularly at festivals and concert series through out the Greater Northwest Wilson has distinguished himself as a unique voice with programs that feature his own. Wilson's compositions for the guitar have been appearing on stages throughout the Northwest US and Canada for over 15 years. The main medium he works in is the relatively unexplored genre of multiple guitars or Guitar Orchestra. Wilson is the conductor, composer, arranger and music director to the Guitar Orchestra.  Wilson has taught at Whatcom Community College and Bellevue College.  He is currently tour in support of his new CD El Sueno del Camino which is the product of a series of concerts he played along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.